Now is Gobius C, Ver.2.0, ready

  • Supports fuel such as diesel and petrol
  • Further developed measurement technology
  • Improved attachment to the tank
  • Measures the level of fluids in virtually all kinds of tanks – from the outside!
  • 0-100 %, without any jumps
  • Easy install guarantee – get started in 15 minutes
  • Wireless monitoring directly on your smartphone
  • Easy to connect to control systems and external devices
  • Create your own application
  • Works with petrol, diesel, fresh water, grey water, and black water
  • Tank depth: Max 2 meters (78 inches)
  • Tank depth: Min 0,2 meters (/7,8 inches)
  • The sensor size is height 65 mm, width 90 mm

We are now introducing a completely new tank monitor system that gives you the exact level and volume, regardless of the tank’s geometry. Gobius C is developed for you who want to know the exact tank level so there is no guessing, no in-tank installation, and no in-tank mess. Simple and precise so you can ’C’ inside your tank accurately.

Gobius C integrates with other gauges and systems and displays also information on your phone or Windows PC.

The new tank sensor measures from the top and on the outside for all liquids, silently and with extreme accuracy, steplessly 0-100% – all with just one sensor per tank.

Additionally, it does this with very low power consumption. For plastic tanks and fiberglass tanks, the sensor is mounted with pre-installed 3M tape. If you have a metal tank, a hole (min. 50 mm) is required to be able to measure correctly. Conveniently, the new Gobius C Adapter is compatible with the standard hole that is used for KUS; Wema’s, and other tank gauges (44 mm in diameter).


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Gobius C

A Combination of Gobius Technologies

We are proud of our new software, Wave-Damp. It is automatic correcting the measuring for waves in the ocean.

We have also developed a new tank level/volume calculation software, which takes into account the geometry of the tank to be able to specify the exact level in the tank (% and volume) both visually on your phone and also on external devices.

We also have a new damp feature, making the measurement even more realistic when the Gobius C is mounted in a boat out on the sea in big waves.

By combining these functions together with a micro radar sensor, we now offer an unbeatable product for smaller tanks (up to 2 m high), such as water, fuel, and waste tanks, at an unbeatably low price.





Gobius C vs. Old fashioned indicators

Gobius C

  • Measures from the outside of the tank (metal and plastic tanks)
  • Stepless measurement, 2-3 mm accuracy
  • Instant showing the correct level and volume
  • Reliable, never in contact with the fluid water
  • Smart software to eliminate wave motions
  • Built-in tank calculator to provide the exact fluid level
  • Easy installation with your smartphone (Bluetooth) or PC
  • Easy to integrate with control systems and external devices
  • Integrated instant support functions

Old fashioned indicators

  • Measure inside the tank
  • No exact stepless measurement
  • Never correct measurement
  • No tank shape correction
  • No wave correction
  • Unreliable, always in contact with aggressive fluids
  • Indicate full even if the tank is empty
  • Drilling holes are needed
  • Always a leakage risk

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Micro radar vs. Ultrasonic

Micro radar measurement (Gobius C)

  • Measure through plastic, glass, and fiberglass
  • Does not measure through metal
  • Not affected by temperature
  • Not affected by foam, vapors, pressure, and dust
  • Measure very fast, more than 1 time/sec.

Ultrasonic measurement

  • Measure inside the tank, never from the outside
  • No exact steps measurement
  • Does not read through plastic and fiberglass
  • Does not read through metal
  • Affected by temperature
  • Affected by foam, vapors, pressure, and dust
  • Measure slow, 4-5 seconds each time
  • Drilling holes are needed
  • Always a leakage risk
  • Complicated installation

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New add-on products

We have expanded our product family with several products.
With these you can easily connect our tank sensors with analog instruments and NMEA2000 systems.

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The web app

The Gobius C app is used to program the initial settings of the sensor, instant displaying measurements, as well as function as a platform for remote support. You can customize the setup for your application, as well as name and group sensors.

Software updates, instructions, and support are done via your smartphone. The languages are English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.


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Gobius C sensor technology

System integration
The sensor allows the integration to operate systems in different ways. 2 digital outputs with on/off signals are included for connecting to an external system. A signal can be received at various liquid levels for control of e.g. pumps. The system also supplies relays (12/110/230 Volts) and GSM units for surveillance and reporting of tank level information.

–  Quick and easy installation
–  Bluetooth communication
–  2 Digital outputs, on/off signals
–  Mounted on the outside of the tank, nothing on the inside
–  No drilling of holes
–  It easy to retrofit on an already installed tank
–  Never in contact with the contents of the tank
–  Handles tanks with aggressive and sterile liquids
–  No maintenance
–  No risk for leakage or odor
–  Cost-effective

For all these tank materials, the max tank wall thickness is:
–  Stainless steel, 3 mm
–  Steel, 3 mm
–  Polyethene, 12 mm
–  Fibre Glass, 8 mm

Intellectual property
Trademark: Gobius, owned by Gobius Sensor Technology AB





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