Gobius Pro

The Gobius Pro sensor is mounted on the outside of metal or plastic fluid tanks. No more mounting on the inside of the tank, no more drilling of holes. The sensor can work alone on a tank but also together with several Gobius Pro sensors.

The sensor has built-in Bluetooth communication for Android and iOS phones. The app is used to program the initial settings of the sensor, display measurements and more.

Our article number: 970480

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Gobius 1, ¾ Tank alarm for waste tanks

A simple system for overflow protection, which prevents you from inadvertently filling your waste tank, that is, it tells you when the tank is 3/4-full and the toilet can’t be used until the tank is empty again.

Only one sensor is attached to the outside of the tank. Gobius 1 is also an entry product. You may always later upgrade to Gobius 4 showing four levels. See also our accessories price list.

Our article number: 970374

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Gobius 4, tank monitor for waste tanks

The perfect tank monitor for your waste tank whether it is in metal or plastic. LEDs of different colors show four levels; empty, 1 / 4-, 1 / 2- and 3/4-full. 3 sensors mounted (glued) with a 3M adhesive tape on the outside of your tank.

It is very easy to retrofit onto both old and new tanks. Fully automatic installation ensures that usually does not take more than 30 minutes to install. It could not be easier!

Our article number: 970442

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Gobius 1, level switch for water, fuel and other fluid tanks

A simple level switch to your water, fuel or other fluid tank. Telling you when the tank is almost empty.

Good addition to an existing gauge. Only one sensor attached to the outside of the tank at the alarm level you want. This can always be upgraded to Gobius 4.

Our article number: 970384

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Gobius 4, tank monitor for water, fuel and fluid  tanks

Equaly simple and ingenious as Gobius 4 for waste tanks. But here it glows red when the tank is becoming empty, and it is time to refill it.

The Gobius Measurement System is based on our patented technology (Gobius Sensor Technology) that can best be described as knocking and listening. The same version of our product works for tanks containing water, diesel, gasoline and other fluids.

Our article number: 970497

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Gobius C, for water and fuel tanks, continuous measuring (step less)

This version measures step less from empty to full. The three sensors are mounted in the same easy way as other Gobius Products.

However, the tank can’t be higher than 0.6 meters and the sensors must be mounted on the same side of the tank and in a right line. Gobius C supports analog instruments from Faria, Wema, VDO and others (10-180 Ohm, 24033 Ohm and 4-20 mA).

Our article number: 970526

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