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Gobius Pro Research!


We invite you as a developer to create your own applications or systems that include one or more of our sensors. Bluetooth communication allows you to create exciting new applications, customized solutions and new integrations, saving time and money.

You get

Developer Kit, 99 Euro

  • Gobius Pro sensor (firmware 2.2.0)
  • Exciter (inside the sensor)
  • Sensor-Bluetooth protocol
  • Access to our developer site at Github
  • HW-test App, Android + iOS version
  • Contact App, saying “Hello”, with code
  • Temperature app, with code
  • Support, Q&A at GitHub
  • Membership, Gobius Pro Research Community


With Gobius Pro sensors you can measure and report fluid levels, temperature, vibrations, static acceleration in all axes, loadspeaker, control processes and much more fun.


You choose whether you want to develop for your own, for sale or as an assignment for your customers. Never before has there been a tank sensor with such development and integration possibilities.


We use GitHub as a development platform, where also all information are available. There you will have access to our development tools, communication protocols, support and also a few Apps with access to code.


Our plans also include creating a Community where you can share knowledge, view and market your Apps, services, etc.


Engage with our Community, offer your skill, provide tech support, share your experience or just show your application.

Sensor Data

  • Sensor processor, TI, CC2642, BLE 5.1 and temperature sensor
  • Firmware 2.2.0
  • Exciter
  • Extra flash memory
  • Power supply 9-28 Volt
  • Low power consumption, idle 10 mA
  • 2 Digital outputs (programmable)

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