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    The only sensor that fits as well on tanks with water, fuel, gray/waste/black fluid or other fluid. In the package there are 1 pcs sensor (2 m cable), 1 pcs 3M Surface Cleaner Sachet, 1 pcs extra 3M sensor tape and 1 panel with a red and a green LED lamp.

  • Searching…

    Searching for the sensor. If this takes longer then a minute then check that the sensor is connected to the power source and Bluetooth is activated on your phone.

  • Connect the sensor

    Connect the sensor to a power source, 12 – 24 Volts. Red is + and black is -. (Connecting + and – wrong does not start the sensor, nothing is damaged).

  • Where do you want to put the sensor?

    The sensor is mounted in any location on a vertical side of the tank. Should the sensor warn for full tank, it should be placed high up the tank. If you want to use the sensor as a lower level monitor, it should be placed at the bottom of the tank.

    Peal off the protective paper on the tape and press firmly the sensor on the tank. Wait a few minutes before proceeding.

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